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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: More port conflicts
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2005 20:38:09 GMT

I know I keep beating on this but IMO this is another problem of the 
multiple container configuration and single image delivery.  It would be 
equally problematic to attempt to start both the tomcat & jetty console 
or welcome configurations simultaneously even in just a single container 
configuration.  I think we will have problems like this until we come to 
the point where we deliver two images that include only the peripheral 
configurations that are applicable to the particular image (one for 
tomcat and one for jetty).

I'm willing to eat my words if I hear a proposal on how we can avoid 
problems like these.  I just don't see a clear solution to problems with 
our current approach unless we get a lot more sophisticated with 
conversion capability (and even then I think the user will be confused 
when s/he sees multiple configurations for the same applications even if 
they all work).


anita kulshreshtha wrote:
>    I have built M5 from the source. I am running the
> default configuration (Jetty and Tomcat). I start The
> following configurations :
> org/apache/geronimo/applications/Welcome/Tomcat and 
> org/apache/geronimo/Console/Tomcat 
>     Both theses configurations get started on port
> 8080. Even though Tomcat is running on port 8090: 
>     Before I investigate further, is this a known
> problem?
> Thanks
> Anita
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Joe Bohn

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