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From Dave Colasurdo <>
Subject Geronimo Samples
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 20:20:32 GMT
I believe the community needs to settle on how Samples will be organized 
within Geronimo..

I've taken a stab at a few of the issues and have offered my suggestions 
on how to resolve.

1) Where in the geronimo source tree will samples reside?
The directory tree:  geronimo/applications/samples should contain (demo, 
magicGball, DayTrader, etc.).  This separates the samples from other 
geronimo applications (e.g. jmxdebug, uddi-server, welcome).

2) Will the samples (or a subset of samples) exist in the binary 
download images?
Yes, have a small, simple web application available as part of the 
binary download image (perhaps demo or magicGball).  This will provide a 
good first time experience for new users.  An experienced user can 
easily remove this sample from the binary before embedding in a separate 

3) Should there be a separately downloadable set of additional samples 
that can be easily installed and run on Geronimo?
Yes, Have an additional downloadable package of samples available that 
can be easily installed and run on geronimo.

4) Will the samples exist as selective choices in the downloadable 
installer images?
Yes, the geronimo installer will provide a selectable choice for a small 
simple web application.  I believe the installer is already doing this.

5) How will the samples be surfaced to the users?
The small simple web application(s) will be predeployed in the binary 
image and selectable as an option in the installer binary.
The Geronimo Welcome Page will contain links to these samples.  The 
Welcome page will also contain a link that points to the download site 
which contains the additional samples and documentation/scripts for 
installing these additional samples.

6) What samples should we make available in the binary and installer 
download image?
The default samples in the binary and installer should be Demo (and 
possibly  magicGball).

7) What samples should be available as a separate download?
-Existing Tomcat Samples (Servlet Examples, JSP Examples)... These 
appear to work on Geronimo (w/ Jetty) with one minor change
-Day Trader (currently in sandbox)
-Petstore (currently in sandbox)
-Migration samples (currently under discussion on the devlist)
-Any other sample that can be used to showcase the geronimo 
functionality.. Lets add to this list..
-Didn't someone else donate some samples awhile back?

7) What else is needed?
Each additional sample should have documentation and possibly simple 
scripts and plans to setup the environment (e.g. datasource).
Also, consider adding the source code to the sample.  This can be quite 
useful for users.  Tomcat (Servlet and JSP examples)have provided the 
source as part of their samples.



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