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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: Generic Logo Contest Guidelines
Date Sun, 09 Oct 2005 23:35:07 GMT

J wrote:
> Now whether I have or have not created a logo for this particular 
> contest is irrevelant. I am just concerned about reading about this push 
> if you all will for 2-3 logo's that quite honestly are not good and well 
> just seem like they had no thought behind them.

This seems awfully opinionated and is a bit condescending to the 
community.  Are you saying the community has rotten taste and doesn't 
pick logos that have "thought" behind them?  I personally find this 
statement offensive.

> A logo is a statement. A logo is an item with thought. And a handful of 
> these logo's look more like an in the box concept that just steroetypes 
> Native American's then actually helps the apache project out.

What do you call the Apache feather then?  I am sorry, but that feather 
is obviously attached to a form of native american image.  Do you feel 
this way about the current Apache logo?

> So the main question is this will there be a real vote with real time 
> opporutnity to see results for all the logo's or just wait until #11 
> gets picked because well it sucks, not well thought out and a good 
> number of you like it for some unknown, ungodly reason?

Is there a reason this type of verbage needs to be used?  Can we engage 
without showing disrespect?  IMHO, I think we don't need to rate 
people's taste factor.  Again, I find this particularly offensive.

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