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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: Generic Logo Contest Guidelines
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2005 18:18:07 GMT>
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First off, I apologize.  I vented my frustration at the situation at you and 
that was in appropriate.  I'm sorry.

As far as the registration with the US Patent and Trademark Office you are 
probably better versed in the requirements because I would be lucky to draw 
anything better than a stick man.

As far as the requirements go, my zeal for freedom of speech tainted my 
interpretation of the clause.  Although I think ASF is broken in their 
consistent enforcement of this issue across all projects I think it is fair to 
say that we can work with what we have.

So, in all that.  I officially apologize and repent in dust and ashes.


J wrote:
> Matt
> These "requirements" that you are stating were mentioned in the wiki,
> in the contest rules under the imagery section from the start. And I
> quote again, "As such, we wish to avoid any imagery that is
> stereotypical or caricatural in nature or that would impart a new
> identity to the Geronimo name."
> Now, the headress is in fact stereotypical in nature to Native
> Americans. In my professional opinion think since this is a logo that
> will inevitalby inherit a trademark of a company, then as such it must
> be registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. To
> register a logo it must fall under certain requirements. The headdress
> might in fact be an official insignia of any one of the many Native
> American tribes, it might already be listed in the Database of Native
> American Tribal Insignia and therefore might not be allowed to be
> usable.
> Furthermore, the United States Patent and Trademark's goal is to
> protect Native American tribes and thier intellectual property.
> Look for yourself!
> -J
> On 10/7/05, Matt Hogstrom <> wrote:
>>Based on the quote from the PRC I agree with your logic.  Unfortunately, these
>>"requirements" are coming in at the end of the contest.  I think this is a
>>disservice to those whose contributions you site.
>>I'm not sure what is offensive (can anyone answer that question?)  I guess I
>>refuse to drink the PC koolaid that others are so willing to chug.  I didn't
>>realize that Open Source is co-located next to Stepford.
>>If it is Apache's position that no logo's that represent Native American lore
>>are appropriate and that position is enforced across the projects then I'm
>>willing to accept and live within that.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.
>>The Commons project has a peace pipe as their logo.
>>The headdress symbolizes authority, honor and respect.  Where is the offense in
>>that ?
>>J wrote:
>>>Based on the above email, and I quote
>>>"Thus, a feather, which has many possible applications, would be
>>>appropriate, but a headdress would not be."
>>>Based on this I think entries numbers 7, 10, 11, should all not be
>>>allowed for voting since from a professional standpoint they are
>>>either a headress or symbolize a headress and the above statement
>>>clearly states that a headress isn't appropriate.
>>>On 10/6/05, Geir Magnusson Jr. <> wrote:
>>>>>From the PRC for our logo contest.
>>>>Begin forwarded message:
>>>>>From: susan wu <>
>>>>>Date: October 3, 2005 3:42:40 PM EDT
>>>>>To: "Noel J. Bergman" <>
>>>>>Subject: Generic Logo Contest Guidelines
>>>>>Can someone please publish this to the most appropriate place? Thanks.
>>>>>Apache Project Logo Contest Guidelines
>>>>>Look and Feel Guidelines:
>>>>>-          Submissions must include a usable web version (PNG
>>>>>preferred) and
>>>>>a scalable vector, print quality version of the logo
>>>>>-          The logo will be used to promote the specific Apache
>>>>>project for
>>>>>which it is created and should evoke the overall Apache Software
>>>>>brand [community-centric open source development, delivering the
>>>>>quality, standards compliant software]
>>>>>-          The logo must incorporate the full project name, such as
>>>>>Tomcat or Apache Geronimo
>>>>>-          The logo should not incorporate images that are exclusively
>>>>>specific to Native American culture.  However, symbols that have
>>>>>broad or
>>>>>multiple meanings are acceptable in evoking a Native American
>>>>>theme.  Thus, a
>>>>>feather, which has many possible applications, would be
>>>>>appropriate, but a
>>>>>headdress would not be. -          The logo should not incorporate
>>>>>any overt cultural or religious
>>>>>-          The logo may incorporate other imagery, abstract symbols
>>>>>or a
>>>>>catchphrase, so long as the full project name is included somewhere
>>>>>in the
>>>>>logo.  To this extent, the full project name can be displayed in a
>>>>>font size than the main image, if there exists a main image
>>>>>-          The logo must reflect the values of the community
>>>>>-          The logo must adapt well to electronic and print media, to
>>>>>reproduction on small surfaces, and to use in color or in grayscale.
>>>>>-          For tips on creating logos suitable for print media,
>>>>>please review this or any other web guides you might find helpful:
>>>>>-          If the logo incorporates non-standards fonts, you must
>>>>>be able to
>>>>>provide us with the font should your logo be selected
>>>>>Process & Legal Guidelines:
>>>>>-          Acknowledgement to the winning entry will be provided on
>>>>>appropriate project web site at http://
>>>>>[insertprojectname] -          The Apache Software
>>>>>Foundation reserves the right to select no
>>>>>winning entry, if it deems that the submissions do not meet the
>>>>>needs of the
>>>>>-          If the Logo is selected, the contributor must assign all
>>>>>rights to
>>>>>the selected images to the Apache Software Foundation
>>>>>-          Logo must be free of any copyright or any other
>>>>>property claims
>>>>>-          Logo must not incorporate or extend existing trademarks
>>>>>of other
>>>>>We recommend that every project post information relating to the
>>>>>selection, and approval process:
>>>>>-          Submissions will accepted by [wiki, email, upload to
>>>>>XYZ] until
>>>>>October 31, 2005
>>>>>-          The final decision will be made by the Apache Geronimo
>>>>>PMC [and
>>>>>the Apache Public Relations Committee].  Input from the community
>>>>>will be
>>>>>welcomed in the form of wiki discussions.
>>>>Geir Magnusson Jr                                  +1-203-665-6437

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