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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject [ANN] Geronimo 1.0 milestone 5 (M5) released
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2005 12:50:06 GMT
With great pleasure the Apache Geronimo Team would like to announce the 
official release of Milestone 5 (M5) of Apache Geronimo. The release is 
available at:

Significant Changes Since the M4 Release
  * Complete Tomcat integration (YAY!)
  * Configuration of ports, hosts, and most other attributes without 
rebuilding the server
  * A web management console (developer preview)
  * Official J2EE Certification (as soon as paper work is filed)

Special Thanks
  * Thanks to the community for all of their input and patches to help 
get us to where we are at.

  * Aaron Mulder for all his work on console to get it in a usable state.

  * The ActiveMQ guys for helping out with the bugs and burning the 
midnight oil to help get the release out in a timely fashion.

  * Dims for getting the patches into Axis.

  * Gianni for fixing up TranQL and CMP issues

  * A BIG HUGE thanks for David Blevins and David Jencks for working 
with me into the wee-hours of the night, testing and getting Geronimo to 
pass the TCK tests for both the Jetty *and* Tomcat containers.  These 
guys really stepped up and didn't leave me hanging with Tomcat issues 
for my lonesome ;-)

  * Everyone else on the team who contributed and worked crazy hours to 
get this release out. (If your name was not mentioned...this means you).

Full release notes are available here:

Jeff Genender

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