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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: [ANN] Geronimo 1.0 milestone 5 (M5) released - Thank you Jeff Genender
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2005 00:57:13 GMT
I think you're forgetting someone pretty darn important.... ;)

Jeff, the project and users owe you a big thanks for your leadership  
in bringing Geronimo and Tomcat together and getting that stack to  
certify.  Every single release we've ever announced to date has  
received the exact same question... "Why aren't you guys using  
Tomcat?? You know, the *Apache* servlet container?!!"  We always  
said, "We'd love to have a Tomcat integration, wanna help?"  Here we  
are, two years into the project, and for the first time we'll be able  
to say something much better about our Tomcat support on this release...

"Blame, Jeff"

Thanks for all the 3am week nights and all day weekends over the last  
six+ months.  You are a real stand-up guy.

Our gratitude,
The Geronimo Community

On Oct 4, 2005, at 5:50 AM, Jeff Genender wrote:

> With great pleasure the Apache Geronimo Team would like to announce  
> the official release of Milestone 5 (M5) of Apache Geronimo. The  
> release is available at:
> Significant Changes Since the M4 Release
> ----------------------------------------
>  * Complete Tomcat integration (YAY!)
>  * Configuration of ports, hosts, and most other attributes without  
> rebuilding the server
>  * A web management console (developer preview)
>  * Official J2EE Certification (as soon as paper work is filed)
> Special Thanks
> --------------
>  * Thanks to the community for all of their input and patches to  
> help get us to where we are at.
>  * Aaron Mulder for all his work on console to get it in a usable  
> state.
>  * The ActiveMQ guys for helping out with the bugs and burning the  
> midnight oil to help get the release out in a timely fashion.
>  * Dims for getting the patches into Axis.
>  * Gianni for fixing up TranQL and CMP issues
>  * A BIG HUGE thanks for David Blevins and David Jencks for working  
> with me into the wee-hours of the night, testing and getting  
> Geronimo to pass the TCK tests for both the Jetty *and* Tomcat  
> containers.  These guys really stepped up and didn't leave me  
> hanging with Tomcat issues for my lonesome ;-)
>  * Everyone else on the team who contributed and worked crazy hours  
> to get this release out. (If your name was not mentioned...this  
> means you).
> Full release notes are available here:
> -- 
> Jeff Genender

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