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From Krishnakumar B <>
Subject Query related to JetSpeed and Geronimo
Date Sun, 23 Oct 2005 16:26:59 GMT

I have Jetspeed-Fusion deployed on Geronimo. this works fine.
Jetspeed provides a autoDeploy folder where i can drop JSR-168 portlets
and these are picked and automatically deployed.

This feature works in Tomcat. Tomcat deploys this war as a web
application in webapps folder under TomCat.

I am not able to get this to work in Geronimo/Tomcat or Jetty. In
Geronimo its not able to pick some jars and i get ClassNotFound
Exception. How do i ensure that TomCat/Jetty Classloader picks these
jars.  These jars are present in jetspeed  web applications lib
folder. They are available to jetspeed WAR but not for the  wars i add
to autoDeploy folder ( jaxen jar )

The portlet i add to autoDeploy folder connects to DB using a
Datasource.  How can i ensure this DataSource is available for the
portlet thats deployed as i cant use a Geronimo specific plan.

Is it possible to make the autoDeploy feature of jetspeed work on Geronimo?

Thanks for any info.

Krishnakumar B

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