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From "Vincent Massol" <>
Subject RE: [Daytrader] Converting to Maven 2
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2005 19:41:44 GMT

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> From: Matt Hogstrom []
> Sent: jeudi 20 octobre 2005 21:25
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> Subject: Re: [Daytrader] Converting to Maven 2
> Vincent,
> I'll update the tree structure per your original note in terms of src
> placement,
> etc.  One thing that we still need to do is update some of the deployment
> plans
> and internal references to the artifacts (like the EJB jar).  They are
> currently
> hardcoded with 1.0-SNAPSHOT as a suffix.  I think David mentioned we could
> fix
> this with Velocity but I haven't looked at that yet.  Thoughts are
> welcome.

Sure I can help. ATM all project.xml are using "1.0-SNAPSHOT" (except the
top level one which is using "1.0"). I think they need to be aligned.
However I'm note sure I understand what you're saying.

If you want them all to use the parent's version simply do not define a
<currentVersion> tag in any project except the top level one (the one that
they all depend on) and then use ${pom.currentVersion} in all dependencies.

The only issue with this is when you deploy artifacts to a remote Maven repo
(say ibiblio). Maven will not resolve the ${pom.currentVersion} expression
and thus if some tools reads the POM from the remote repo they won't be able
to figure out the version. This is true for example for the repo converter
which runs on ibiblio and converts m1 POMs to m2. It'll keep
${pom.currentVersion} references, which has no meaning in m2. Thus if
someone using m2 then depends on your artifact, his project will fail to
build because m2 will fail to resolve ${pom.currentVersion}...

My suggestion is to keep the version in all dependencies for now. Just make
them all the same. You need to decide whether you want 1.0 or 1.0-SNAPSHOT.
Are there going to be releases of the daytrader app? If so, better to use
1.0-SNAPSHOT everywhere and move to 1.0 when releasing. Then change them all
to 1.1-SNAPSHOT.

I don't understand your point about velocity though.
> thanks for helping out in this effort :)



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