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From "Vincent Massol" <>
Subject [Daytrader] Converting to Maven 2
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 10:27:57 GMT

I have discussed offline with Matt (a month or so back) who told me he'd be
interested in porting the daytrader application to Maven 2. I'd like to
help. My incentive is that I'd like to feature the daytrader application in
a book chapter I'm writing (Maven 2 book).

I've started modifying the daytrader build on my machine to make it comply
with Maven 2 directory structure. I've kept the maven 1 build working.

Basically here are the steps I've done:

- moved all sources in src/main/java
- moved all resources in src/main/resources
- removed all tests (as they were not real tests - they were just fake tests
probably generated by the genapp plugin)
- removed some other genapp files (, etc)
- removed the core module which consists only in a genapp generated project
- have the ear application.xml file generated by the ear plugin
- fixed some project.xml stuff (like renaming <id> into <artifactId>, etc)
- some other minor stuff (indentation fixes, etc)

Is that ok to be committed?

I'd like to know if you're still interested in doing this Maven 2 migration.
If so how would you like to do it:
a/ directly on the trunk in sandbox/daytrader
b/ in a branch
c/ somewhere else. I could leave your build code untouched and do all the
migration in a separate SVN for the book.

I think a/ should be the best option.

Should I open a JIRA issue for this? How easy would it be possible for me to
get commit access, etc?

The next steps I'd like to perform are:

- discuss with you about reorganizing the full directory structure to
incorporate more things in the build: packaging, deployment, functional
tests, etc.
- create the m2 pom.xml files
- write automated functional tests


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