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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Building specs with Maven 2.x
Date Sat, 29 Oct 2005 07:30:43 GMT

I've got all the specs builds working with Maven 2.x except for the
corba module for which I need to whip up a quick plug-in to deal with

Are the specs built frequently because I see that you've changed the
directory structure of the SVN repository and so many of your references


Won't work anymore unless I'm not seeing something.

If I can get the specs building with Maven 2.x and get the artifacts
produced into the m1 repository, and get the spec builds running under
Continuum can I flip the spec builds over to Maven 2.x standards and use
it as the default build? I figure that the specs don't change that often
and is a good place to start if folks are interesting in converting the
build over to Maven 2.x.

This basically boils down to adhering to this:

And getting a few tips about the corba module (Alan :-)). Everything
else appears to be working.


Jason van Zyl
jason at

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