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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <>
Subject Quarterly Board Report for Apache Geronimo
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2005 12:54:10 GMT


1) M5 release - this is the first fully J2EE 1.4 certified
    release of Apache Geronimo. This was the basic goal of the
    project since it's founding, and we are very proud to have
    achieved this in only a little over 2 years.

2) Apache Tomcat is fully supported and certified - as part
    of the M5 release, we now offer Apache Tomcat as an
    option as the web container in the server.  Along with
    Jetty, this is fully certified as compatible.

3) Added two new committers, Sachin Patel and Matt Hogstrom.
    These are two great developers who are adding quite a lot
    in the areas of tooling and performance.

4) Added  Eclipse plug-in to project - we now have our tooling
    efforts off to an excellent start with Eclipse support for
    creating, deploying and debugging applications for

5) Added "DayTrader" performance application - DayTrader is a
    J2EE application designed to test the real-world usage of
    J2EE functionality.  We expect to use DayTrader to help
    improve performance and tune Apache Geronimo

6) Addition of XDoclet2 plug-in - another addition to our
    tooling effort, we now have work underway to supply a
    XDoclet2 plug-in for Geronimo

7) Create new subproject - dev tools - home for our tooling
    efforts, this subproject contains the new eclipse plug-in
    and XDoclet2 plug-in.

8) Logo contest - we have run and completed a contest for the
    project logo.  We are currently finalizing formal contribution
    of all rights to the logo to the ASF by the creator.

9) General steady progress made in community growth as evidenced
     by downloads and mail list traffic and diversity


1) Major effort will be focused on upcoming 1.0 release, targetted
    for ApacheCon 2005

2) Expect our community to continue to grow now that we've reached
    the certification milestone.  The server now is usable as a
    J2EE server, and this will garner both users and contributors.
    For example, we're expecting new contributions to the project,
    such as code forming a starting point for a new CORBA implementation
    to get us free of the Sun JDK ORB.

3) Continued work on project guidelines and governance, such as
    outstanding discussions surrounding PMC chair succession.

Geir Magnusson Jr                                  +1-203-665-6437

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