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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Attacking M5 -- final steps (we hope)
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 18:36:31 GMT
We are getting very close....

(new) Last Issues
-- axis snapshot.  I think this is our last snapshot.  We have not been 
able to find out when the official axis 1.3 release might be available. 
  If we can't get an answer really soon I think we should make a 
svn-revision-labelled release for ourselves.  I think David Blevins 
will attempt to pursue this more with the axis people.
-- GERONIMO-518 commons-logging/tomcat/jetty classloader issue.  I 
think everyone has agreed to add commons logging to the exclusion list 
for M5 and pursue a better solution as soon as possible.  Is this 
correct? Who will apply the patch?
-- installer update.  I think I've figured out how izpack works and I'm 
working on updating the setup.  Hopefully this will be done in a couple 
-- welcome app (not crucial but nice)  We have some tweaks to the 
welcome app to  improve its appearance etc.  Getting these applied to 
M5 would be nice.  Any takers?
-- release notes  David Blevins is finishing these.

Time Frame:

I would like to get M5 out this weekend.  While this is definitely in 
line with the desires of my employer it is mostly because IMO M5 has 
gone on long enough and we aren't going to get anything else 
significant into it and I want to work on something else :-)

While I finish up the installer work, I'm building M5 and will publish 
a snapshot shortly.  David Blevins and I will run the tck on it while 
we figure out what to do about axis.  We now have 9 machines available 
so we may be able to do this in about 8 to 10 hours.  Saturday morning 
we hope to have the axis issue resolved and we will tag M5, build a 
release candidate and commence testing it.  When we build the release 
candidate we'd like to call for a vote to release if the tck passes, as 
we did with M4 (hopefully the time between the candidate build and all 
the tests passing will be much shorter this time).

David Blevins and I are both testing on linux x86.

How does this look?  Any comments or objections?

Many thanks,
david jencks

On Sep 26, 2005, at 2:30 PM, David Blevins wrote:

>   - Easy switching from Jetty -> Tomcat
>   - Snapshots (Javamail & Axis=>Dims, jUDDI & Scout=>Geir, 
> ServiceMix=>Hiram, tmpOrb=>Dain)
>   - Version number of some sort in the schemas?
> Is there anything else people think *must* be there to ship?
> Again, we have to run the TCK on the final binary.   It would be great 
> if we could cut the final release by Wednesday and be finished TCK 
> testing by Friday.  To get there we will have the standard checklist 
> of stuff to do:
>  1. clean the jira
>  2. create release notes
>  3. update readme files
>  4. Change the version number in etc/ and the plugins
>  5. Create our tag
>  6. Cut and sign the binary and source distributions
> Then it's just test and vote, both take two days and can be done at 
> the same time.
> Any details I've missed?
> -David

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