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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: M5 Cut proposal date
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2005 19:20:20 GMT
On Sep 6, 2005, at 7:09 AM, Jeff Genender wrote:

> Now that we frozen the list for what will go into M5, and based on the
> answers for QA/release dates, I propose the QA cut for M5 to occur on 
> Sept
> 21, followed by a release on September 28.

I'm very worried by this proposal.  I would prefer a much quicker 
schedule.  I have reviewed the issues marked for M5 and believe the 
following are the only ones we should get into M5, and some of these 
are optional.  I would like to know if anyone is determined to fix any 
other issues marked for M5 in the near future and when they expect to 
get them done.  Waiting around while no one does any work on these 
issues will only frustrate those wishing to add new post-M5 

I propose we deal with the following issues and make the M5-QA branch 
no later than this friday Sept 9.  With luck we will be able to 
complete tck testing fairly quickly and get the release out within a 

940 -- dual contribution code
754 HOWL version upgrade
980 Jetty version upgrade
817 deploy-jsr88 module has dependency on openejb
945 jmDNS lgpl dependency
730/731 sample apps -- do these need to go through incubator or can I 
just commit them?
699 welcome app patches

and the big one...
883/890 login/security improvements.  I would like to discuss with Alan 
the prospects for completing this quickly.  If we can't get it done 
soon I think we should postpone it.

In my view all the other issues would be nice to have but unless 
someone is willing to commit right now to fixing them right now we 
should leave them out of M5.  I fear that unless we take a ruthless 
approach to what is in M5 releasing it will drag on for months.  We 
have some great new functionality with tomcat included and easy to use, 
lets get it out to our prospective users as soon as we can.

many thanks,
david jencks

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