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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: Kernel Limitations
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2005 00:54:03 GMT
On Sun, 4 Sep 2005, Aaron Mulder wrote:
> 	That being the case, as far as I can tell there's only one 
> alternative.  That is to use a kernel query to list all connectors of the 
> correct type.  Then for each one, get its GBeanData, and pick out the 
> container reference by name, and see what container ObjectName is in 
> there.  I'm hoping this will always be a full ObjectName even if the 
> config file only specified certain parameters.  If that's not true, I 
> think we've exhaused all the options.

	Crap.  The ActiveMQ connector->Container reference is:


	Which means I have to figure out whether an ObjectName 
representing a pattern is a match on a real ObjectName.  How the heck is 
that supposed to work?


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