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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: M5 - 24hr notice of branch
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2005 08:01:54 GMT
Special request from the Maven team:

those doing deployment to java-repository using jar:deploy (this does not 
affect normal users), please ensure you are using maven-artifact-plugin 
1.5.2 or above.

If you are using 1.1-beta-2, it comes with the latest version.

If you are using 1.0.2, you must install it. You can check what you have 
with maven --info.

To install:
maven plugin:download -DartifactId=maven-artifact-plugin -DgroupId=maven 

The reason for doing this is that all ${versions}, %entities and <extend /> 
elements will be properly resolved so the POM will be complete, and will 
enable Geronimo for transitive dependencies for Maven 2.x users - this is 
especially important if there are any new spec JARs going up.

Thanks! If I can help any further, please let me know.


On 9/16/05, Jeff Genender <> wrote:
> The subject says it all ;-)
> Jeff

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