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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: We need an extension directory.
Date Sat, 24 Sep 2005 23:11:04 GMT

On Sep 24, 2005, at 6:53 PM, Jeremy Boynes wrote:

> Jeff Genender wrote:
>> Yep...thats the issue.
> Trying to clarify, do you mean a full blown "Extension" mechanism as 
> in the J2EE spec, or a simpler classpath extension mechanism? No 
> preference, just trying to see what the problem and solution are.

What's required to make tomcat work is to have an entry in the system 
property java.ext.dirs that is a directory including some of the tck 
jars.  I was going to put this extra location into the executable jar 
manifest and set it to ${geronimo.home}/lib/ext.  I was also going to 
duplicate the various bits of copying and setup that the endorsed dir 
gets.  Aside from Tomcat I haven't detected any code that looks at this 
property, but I assume that providing the system property will be 
sufficient for whatever plain java wants to do.

Does this seem reasonable?

david jencks

>> Jeremy Boynes wrote:
>>> David Jencks wrote:
>>>> Jeff and I have discovered that to run tomcat we need an extension 
>>>> directory.  This can be set up with command line -D arguments but 
>>>> this is rather unsatisfactory.
>>>> I'm proposing to implement this just like endorsed directories and 
>>>> to put the default location at ${geronimo.home}/lib/ext.
>>>> Anyone have any comments or better ideas?
>>> How does this relate to GERONIMO-310?
>>> -- 
>>> Jeremy

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