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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: Logo Contest Update - The Final Days
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 15:17:58 GMT
Based on the criteria below I think the following images meet the 

Entry # 2   URL:
Entry # 3   URL:
Entry # 4   URL:
Entry # 9   URL:
Entry # 12  URL:
Entry # 13  URL:
Entry # 14  URL:
Entry # 15  URL:
Entry # 16  URL:

Links that need to be discussed:
These entries use a headdress (which is a bunch of feathers).
Entry # 7   URL:
Entry # 10  URL:
Entry # 11  URL:

My personal preference on these is that they should be allowable.  I 
prefer to judge based on merit.  I think these are tastefully done.  We 
need a ruling of the PRC on these.

Links that are not compatible with the parameters established below:
Entry # 6   URL:
Entry # 16  URL:

Links that no longer are functional and could not be verified:
Entry # 5   URL:
Entry # 8   URL:

- Matt

Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:
> On Sep 30, 2005, at 9:10 AM, Matt Hogstrom wrote:
>> All,
>> The Logo contest has inspired many to get their creative juices  
>> flowing and put some great effort into designing some excellent  
>> artwork. Unfortunately, we can't use every one of the items that  have 
>> been donated so we'll have to pare them down to a single winner.
>> As of this morning there are 17 Entries posted on the Wiki.  They  can 
>> be found at .
>> I propose the following time line to bring this to a timely  conclusion.
>> Allow for last minute changes and additions to the logos so a vote  
>> can be taken on a finite set of entries.  This will be a one week  
>> period ending at: 23:59 PDT on October 8th.
>> A one week period for voting by members on the dev and user  Geronimo 
>> lists.  A voting format will be posted to the list to make  tabulating 
>> the results easier.  This will come out on Friday  October 7th.
>> Give one week for votes on the final sets of artwork from 00:01  
>> Saturday October 8th through 00:01 PDT Saturday October 15th.   During 
>> this time, discussion is welcome on the various entries on  the dev 
>> list.  Please make sure we keep them in a single thread.
>> As indicated on the Wiki, the PPMC is responsible for the final  
>> selection but the voting and feedback from the community is  critical 
>> to making the best choice.
> And I'd like to pre-filter based on the PRC guidelines.  I've been  
> discussing with them, and I've asked that they produce a final set of  
> guidelines.  However, the important one for us will be :
> "logo should not incorporate Native American images or
> existing cultural/religious symbolism.  However, new symbols that
> merely evoke a native american theme (such as the feather) are fine."
> So I'd like to get rid of the ones that violate this guideline before  
> we have the community vote.
> geir

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