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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Logo Contest Update - The Final Days
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 13:10:33 GMT

The Logo contest has inspired many to get their creative juices flowing 
and put some great effort into designing some excellent artwork. 
Unfortunately, we can't use every one of the items that have been 
donated so we'll have to pare them down to a single winner.

As of this morning there are 17 Entries posted on the Wiki.  They can be 
found at .

I propose the following time line to bring this to a timely conclusion.

Allow for last minute changes and additions to the logos so a vote can 
be taken on a finite set of entries.  This will be a one week period 
ending at: 23:59 PDT on October 8th.

A one week period for voting by members on the dev and user Geronimo 
lists.  A voting format will be posted to the list to make tabulating 
the results easier.  This will come out on Friday October 7th.

Give one week for votes on the final sets of artwork from 00:01 Saturday 
October 8th through 00:01 PDT Saturday October 15th.  During this time, 
discussion is welcome on the various entries on the dev list.  Please 
make sure we keep them in a single thread.

As indicated on the Wiki, the PPMC is responsible for the final 
selection but the voting and feedback from the community is critical to 
making the best choice.

Again, excellent art work to those have submitted and good luck during 
the final weeks of the contest.



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