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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Management object model questions
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2005 22:39:44 GMT

I'm having a difficult time getting my head around the management object 
model.   As I understand it we have one J2EEServer in a G image which 
can be queried to return multiple WebManagers (actually the web manager 
lookup is done using the interface specified on the GBeans ... so 
there's nothing really unique about the J2EEServer doing this).

The WebManagers act as a type of collection point for all of the 
WebContainers, Connectors, etc...  However, when it comes to web 
containers the WebManagers appear to be container specific (they will 
always only manage containers of the same type) and there can be only 
one WebManager instance per container type in the system.  This implies 
to me that we do in fact intend to support any number of web containers 
types.  Also within the WebManager for a specific container type we  can 
support any number of web container instances of that type.  This 
implies that we intend to support not only a single instance of multiple 
web container types but also multiple instances of web containers of the 
same type.  Is this correct and is that really the intention?

Other questions:
- JSR77 is primarily concerned with the management of applications and 
not the server or its components.  In fact, the configuration management 
is specifically listed as being outside of the scope of the spec. 
Therefore the representation of objects to manage the server itself, web 
containers, ejb containers, etc... are G specific creations - right (or 
is there some other specification that I'm missing)?
- The way that we are supporting multiple webmanagers and containers 
seems to create a problem for applications that for one reason or 
another need to interact with the container but not necessarily with all 
of the containers.  Right now our interfaces provide the mechanism to 
return all web managers and all web containers for that manager.  The 
hosting webmanager and container are in there somewhere .... if I only 
knew it's name.  I think we need to provide some mechanism to either 
obtain the name of the hosting container/manager or actual references to 
these objects.  Is this information being tucked away somewhere as an 
attribute on the session?  Any other suggestions on how we might correct 
this in the short term without building a new management UI that runs 
completely outside of the system that it is managing (the only way to 
truely manage everything)?


Joe Bohn

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot 
lose."   -- Jim Elliot

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