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From Neal Sanche <>
Subject Re: XDoclet support
Date Sat, 24 Sep 2005 14:50:01 GMT
John Sisson wrote:

> Neal Sanche wrote:
>> Sachin Patel wrote:
>>> Any objections on me checking in the XDoclet jira (778) into a 
>>> devtools sandbox so people can start working on it?
>>> There also needs to be some work done in WTP as well as in the 
>>> geronimo plugins so that the tags can get registered in WTP in both 
>>> the xdoclet configuration panel and in content assist.  I can work 
>>> on driving those changes in.
>>> Sachin.
>> I'm curious about this XDoclet stuff. Does this mean that deployment 
>> plans will be built from XDoclet? Or is it for some other purpose?
> Currently it supports the generation of the openejb-jar.xml file for 
> session and message-driven beans. See the JIRA issue regarding 
> limitations/further work required.
> There may be people who already have EJB applications written for 
> other application servers where the build of the EJB application uses 
> XDoclet tags (e.g. @ejb and @weblogic/@websphere/@jboss) in their EJBs.
> The Geronimo XDoclet plugin adds support for the @geronimo tag. 
> Therefore those XDoclet users could add the appropriate @geronimo tags 
> to their EJBs to generate openejb-jar.xml files in addition to the 
> other App server specific files. Note that it isn't as simple as 
> changing @weblogic to @geronimo in your EJB code though, since the tag 
> parameters are application server specific.
True. But a lot of the context would probably be derived from the @ejb 
tags, right? So I would expect there to be some commonality between 
them. But thanks for the information. I'll have to go look at the JIRA 
and see if I can make use of the XDoclet module. I'm a big addict of 


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