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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [ApacheDS] Requesting feedback on ApacheDS move to JDK 1.5
Date Sat, 24 Sep 2005 02:10:14 GMT
Hi all,

Over at Directory we're discussing the use of JDK 1.5 specific API's for 
some critical functionality needed for a 1.0 release of the directory 
server.  We find ourselves in a Catch-22 where LDAPv3 compliance 
requires support for SSL and SASL.  Use of these API's would make 
ApacheDS 1.4 incompatible.  We are currently looking for alternatives so 
embedding projects like Geronimo are not affected.

If we have no choice but to use 1.5 APIs in future releases of ApacheDS 
what impact will this have on Geronimo?

Does Geronimo run on JDK 1.5?  If so is binary compatibility with 1.4 a 
requirement?  (I'm guessing yes.)

Also is there a way in which ApacheDS integration can be made pluggable 
and available when running under a 1.5 JVM?


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