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From Stefan Schmidt <>
Subject Any chance you can drop a nightly build before M5?
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2005 04:50:03 GMT
Hi All,

Basically, I was wondering if you have a rough estimation of the M5 
shipment timeframe (maybe in weeks)?

I am asking because there are two developerWorks articles/tutorials 
ready for publication and both rely on recent bug-fixes in the Trunk.

Now, if M5 takes a couple of weeks until the final release we would have 
to ask the readers of those publications to build the server from source 
which can be quite inconvenient for some people.

I think as an intermediary solution it would make sense to drop a 
nightly (unstable) pre-M5 build to bridge the time-gap until the 
official M5 release is out. This would allow IBM to publish the articles 
sooner and allow users to test the dicussed stuff (transactions, web 
services) without being required to build the complete server.

Any thoughts?


Stefan Schmidt

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