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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Portal Server and Geronimo Console
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2005 03:05:20 GMT
David H. DeWolf wrote:
> See below. . .I'm copying the pluto-dev list for individuals that might 
> be interested in this thread but not monitoring geronimo.  Please only 
> reply on the geronimo list.
> Jeremy Boynes wrote:
>> John Sisson wrote:
>>> I have read a few mails where it has been mentioned we need a more 
>>> robust portal server for the console.
>>> Could those in the know please share a little more information on 
>>> this topic so we have an idea what the issues are and what the plans 
>>> are to rectify them (e.g. are we expecting the pluto project to 
>>> address them in a reasonable time frame?).  Are these issues in JIRA?
> I'm also interested in knowing the specifics.  I wonder if many of these 
> issues will be addressed in Pluto 1.1.  I think that there's a chance 
> that the pluto 1.1 portal driver might solve some of your concerns. 
> Especially now that our community is growing (2 more committers just 
> this week), I think you'll begin to see more things like realtime 
> deployment added to the portal driver even though they are not 
> technically part of the portlet container.

Thanks for the update. I have been very interested in 1.1 since its 
early days and think that it would be a better choice for tighter 
integration into Geronimo. Unfortunately I haven't had the bandwidth to 
contribute :-(

> While I can't tell you what we're looking at timewise for 1.1 , I can 
> tell you that now that 1.0.1 GA is being tested (and should be released 
> next week at the latest), the biggest obstacle to 1.1 is out of the way.

Cool. We are in the process of QA for our M5 release, part of which is 
eliminating any SNAPSHOT dependencies so having 1.0.1 GA is timely :-)

>> The main issue is making the console dynamic so that as different 
>> things get added to the server the console dynamically adjusts. This 
>> is easy to do in a full portal server like Jetspeed but is not really 
>> in the scope of the Pluto project (which is focused on implementing 
>> the portlet container).
> What is "dynamically adjusts"?  Does that mean realtime deployment of 
> new portlets?  If so, this was just added to 1.0.1 this week and is will 
> be ported to 1.1 as we implement the 1.1 admin portlets which have been 
> a hot topic on our dev list.

Not only realtime deployment but also changes to the aggregated UI to 
include them. We need to slot the new portlets into suitable places in 
the displayed pages. I have been assuming that we would need to use a 
heavier solution like J2 to achieve that but if we can do something 
(without personalization or skinning) using just Pluto that would be great.

>> This is really halfway between Pluto and Jetspeed and perhaps when we 
>> look in detail at J2 it may be the perfect solution. Regardless, any 
>> work we do here should be done in conjuction with the Portals project 
>> as a whole.
> If it fits the bill, the pluto team would love to work with you to meet 
> your requirements.  The focus of our work is definately the portlet 
> container, however, we also realize that one of the important peices 
> necessary for our community to thrive is providing functionality which 
> renders the container easier to use, embed and manage.  If this is what 
> "halfway between pluto and jetspeed" means, then I think we may be 
> allready moving in the direction you need.

Thanks David and everyone on the Pluto team - I'm looking forward to 1.1

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