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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: Portal Server and Geronimo Console
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2005 10:48:58 GMT

Yes, we definitely need to find a way to make the console more dynamic.  
There are several ways to do this on top of what we already have from 
Pluto.  However, it was my understanding that we will probably need to 
consider adding a portal server to G to host user portal applications.  
This is why I keep referencing J2 because it's the solution that first 
comes to mind.   If we're to include a portal server (J2 or otherwise) 
in G then that would both provide the more dynamic capabilities we need 
in the console as well as providing a new user capability.  

The thing that I don't yet understand is the minimal set of things that 
we think we need for a complete server solution.  If the web console is 
part of that solution then it will pull in some type of portal server in 
as well.  I supposed we could get creative with multiple portal server 
solutions ... one in G itself and a console to run on that and one that 
we include with a Console when G doesn't.   However, this seems like a 
lot of work and could be quite problematic.  One of the advantages of a 
portal server in G is that content from the G console could be 
intermixed with content from user administration tasks. 

So I think the key thing here is to decide what we think is the minimal 
configuration that we need to support.  Does it include a portal 
server?  Does it include a console?  Do we attempt to make these 
independent components so that we can bring in or remove one without the 
other?  Or do we have a requirement for the console on a portal server? 

I agree that this is something that we should look into and I'd like to 
do just that in the coming weeks.


Jeremy Boynes wrote:

> John Sisson wrote:
>> I have read a few mails where it has been mentioned we need a more 
>> robust portal server for the console.
>> Could those in the know please share a little more information on 
>> this topic so we have an idea what the issues are and what the plans 
>> are to rectify them (e.g. are we expecting the pluto project to 
>> address them in a reasonable time frame?).  Are these issues in JIRA?
> The main issue is making the console dynamic so that as different 
> things get added to the server the console dynamically adjusts. This 
> is easy to do in a full portal server like Jetspeed but is not really 
> in the scope of the Pluto project (which is focused on implementing 
> the portlet container).
> This is really halfway between Pluto and Jetspeed and perhaps when we 
> look in detail at J2 it may be the perfect solution. Regardless, any 
> work we do here should be done in conjuction with the Portals project 
> as a whole.
> As for JIRA, I tend to agree with DJ that this is not concrete enough 
> just yet. It would be a good area for someone to look at :-)
> -- 
> Jeremy

Joe Bohn

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose."   -- Jim Elliot

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