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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: [discuss] branch and tag policy (and stable/unstable mixed in :)
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2005 01:40:23 GMT
I agree with Jeremy and Aaron.  I think we need some additional 
performance work in addition to the console and probably some minor 
features.  I'd prefer to make this V0.9.5 that is certified as a 
technology preview  with a statement that the console and other features 
will be coming in the next release which is 1.0.0.


Aaron Mulder wrote:
> You must be joking!!!  Have you tried at the console recently?  It's
> like 50% there.
> I'm sorry, I'll be happy to call this RC1 or 0.9 or whatever, but I'm
> WAY not ready to call it 1.0.  There are also a ton of JIRA issues
> that need to be at least looked at before 1.0.  Plus, like it or not,
> I think we really need a hot deploy directory for 1.0 (though there's
> a JIRA with some code for that).  I guess I also think there's going
> to be a lot of attention focused on 1.0, and I want to take advantage
> of that with a great release, not just call whatever we have this week
> "1.0".
> Really, if you feel that strongly, call this a beta or RC and let's
> start collecting the feedback we need to make 1.0 outstanding.
> Aaron
> On 9/19/05, Dain Sundstrom <> wrote:
>>Hell yeah!
>>On Sep 19, 2005, at 5:14 PM, Jeremy Boynes wrote:
>>>Before we discuss this to death, I propose:
>>>* we drop the M5 branch altogether
>>>* we fix any CTS regressions (once rather than twice)
>>>  this also gives Aaron a couple more days to finish up his features
>>>* we create a 1.0 branch
>>>* we make sure it still passes CTS, then tag it and release as 1.0.0
>>>That way we :
>>>* get rid of the Mx nomenclature that Geir positively dislikes
>>>  and that no-one else really seems to care for
>>>* we don't have any confusion with 1.0-M5.42 branches
>>>* we get onto a major.minor.maint scheme that everyone understands
>>>and most of all, we actually get 1.0.0 out as the first certified
>>>release like we intended at the start of the project.

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