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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject eclipse plugin version and release schedule?
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2005 14:55:27 GMT
To get some discussion going on release schedules... What version should 
we have the eclipse plugin at?  Currently it stands at 1.0.0.

To give you some background....

First off, Eclipse requires a pure version number, so we can't have 
1.0.0-dev. If you go to any of the eclipse projects, you'll notice that 
after downloading a version, you cannot visually differentiate between a 
development version of a jar and its released version.  Only by the 
actual download zip, are versions specified by including a date and 
build type in the zip.  This is why on the download like I put the date 
in the link to indicate that it is a daily 1.0.0 development driver.

Secondly, the update manager should be used to post official released 
versions and to move from one released version to another.  To update 
with a daily version, you manually have to download the zip and extract 
it over the previous version.

One other issue is do we want an official version for 1.0? The plugins 
WTP requirement won't have their 1.0 release until around December.  So 
it will have to be based on a milestone driver of WTP.  The WTP release 
schedule is as follows:

1.0-by EOY

So what does everyone prefer?

(1) We keep 1.0.0, and have our final driver with or after WTP hits 1.0 
so our official version is based on the WTP 1.0 offical version.  On 
this 1.0.0 release the update manager will be available as a primary 
means of installing this official version.
(2) We bump down the current version to something like 0.5.0, and this 
version will be an official version to go out with Geronimo 1.0 and be 
based on one of the milestone driver's of WTP.  This offical version 
will also be available through the update manager.
(3) Something else

Based on this, we can decide what function we want in.  For example if 
(2) is chosen, we just focus on stability with WTP M8/9, deployment 
scenarios, rather then development scenarios (editors, views.... etc).



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