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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject Eclipse Tools Instructions
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2005 20:35:56 GMT
Until the subproject website is up... here is some informal instructions 
for people to get started with the eclipse tools.

The plugins are built on top of the Eclipse Web Tools Project.  For 
information about this project... the website is... 

 [Build Instructions]

Building the eclipse tools requires eclipse itself as well as drivers 
for the following Eclipse projects...  WTP, EMF, GEF, and JEM.

WTP builds can be download from...

When clicking on an Integration Build... it will let you know the build 
levels required for the required projects as well as direct links to 
those drivers. Currently the geronimo plugins will only allow the 
projects to build against a windows version of Eclipse.. (Will have a 
patch soon that allows support for all platforms). Once all of the zips 
have been downloaded, extract them to the same location.  This will be 
your eclipse install as well as the target that the Maven build will use 
to find and build against required plugins.

The next step is to build the geronimo plugins.  The source can be 
checked out from... 

Once the patch for jira #11 is applied you should be able to invoke the 
following command from the root of this extracted source tree.

"maven -Declipse.home=c:/eclipse"  (where the value of eclipse.home 
points to your specific location).

This will compile and generate the necessary artifacts as well as a 
binary distribution located in 
assembly/target/geronimo-server-adapter-1.0.0.jar.  Extract this zip 
into ${eclipse.home}/

Then launch eclipse and you will have the server and runtime support for 

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