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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: Tomcat, logging, admin portlet, and GBeans
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2005 14:49:56 GMT

Aaron Mulder wrote:

>	In order to do this right, I think we should define an interface 
>for web server request log access.  That interface should have a method 
>that searches the logs, like the server log GBean does, so rather than the 
>console code asking the web server for log files and then opening files 
>and scanning them, the console should pass a bunch of search parameters to 
>the web server, and the web server should identify and search its own logs 
>and just return the results to the console.  If the web server has 
>multiple logs, I guess it should have a method that gets a list of log 
>file names, so the portlet can let you select the log to query, and the 
>search method can take the log file name as a parameter.
>	I have an outstanding task to rearrange the management interface
>works for the web containers and connectors, so part of that can be
>exposing the log manager or whatever we call the interface mentioned
>above.  So after those changes, the code should look something like this:
>J2EEServer server = ...
>WebManager[] managers = ... server.getWebManagers();
>(select Tomcat or Jetty WebManager to work with)
>RequestLogManager log = ... managers[i].getRequestLog();
>(do log stuff such as:
>    String[] logFiles = log.getLogFiles();
>    LogLine[] hits = log.searchLogs(logFile, start, end, maxRows, ...);
To resurrect this item I would propose the following:
- We continue to assume that there will be only 1 container and hence 1 
Web Manager in an image (see my earlier question on this point). 
- As you suggest we add a mechanism to the WebManager to get access to 
- Create an Interface (WebAccessLogHelper) with methods similar to the 
class methods on the current WebAccessLogHelper class.  There will be 
some additions for handling multiple logs and some other changes (see 
- Create implementations of the WebAccessLogHelper for each supported 
container type.
- Add a method to the WebManager to return a reference to the 
appropriate WebAccessLogHelper implementation for the container.
- Have the portlet interact with the WebAccessLogHelper and in 
particular make queries via an enhanced WebAcessLogCriteria object   
(enhanced to include the log selection, max# of records to return, 

So the WebAccessLogViewerPortlet pseudo-code would look something like this:
J2EEServer server = ....
WebManager[] managerArray  = .... server.getWebManagers();
WebManager manager = WebManagers[0];   // select the first manager in 
the set for now.  If we support multiple managers we can enhance this 
for some user selection.
WebAccessLogHelper logHelper = manager.getLogHelper();
// No need to query the container type .. that's hidden behind the 
implementation of the log helper interface.
ArrayList logs = logHelper.getLogs()   // to return a list of logs for 
display/selection (initially select the first log in the list)
File[] files = logHelper.getFiles()   // to return a list of files for 
display only (for those who would like to see the actual files and the 
WebAccessLogCriteria = new WebAccessLogCriteria( criteria defaults .. 
including the selected log).
ArrayList searchResults = WebAccessLogHelp.searchLogs( criteria);

Criteria would include most of what there is is today with some minor 
- selected Log  (user can select from list if more than one).
- Start date/time
- End data/time
- Host
- authUser
- method
- message
- max # of messages to return
- Starting record # (for displaying subsequent pages).

>	To get started, perhaps you could propose an interface for the 
>RequestLogManager or whatever we call it, and look at how we could 
>implement that for Tomcat and Jetty.
>	Aaron
>On Wed, 31 Aug 2005, Joe Bohn wrote:
>>I was investigating what is necessary to get the log management portlet 
>>in the console working for tomcat.   It currently only works to display 
>>the jetty web log. 
>>As I was digging into this it is starting to get a little deeper than I 
>>anticipated and would like some recommendations.
>>- The log portlet references a GBean object for the JettyRequestLog.
>>- I don't see an equivalent GBean in tomcat.  Should I attempt to create 
>>one and wrap the Tomcat web log in a GBean too?
>>Joe Bohn     
>>"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose."   -- Jim

Joe Bohn

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose."   -- Jim Elliot

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