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From Neal Sanche <>
Subject Re: Longevity
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2005 04:29:29 GMT
Hi Aaron,

Just in case it helps, I was connected to the SSL port of the web server 
when it happened. Out of Memory errors are not a lot of fun to debug, 
but maybe there's something I can try on my end to reproduce it, and 
figure out what objects are being retained. I'll let you know.


Aaron Mulder wrote:

>	It may be the console.  For example, the console creates a lot of
>proxies and doesn't close/release them -- I'm not sure whether that would
>cause a memory leak, though I hope not.  I guess we need to try the test
>with some kind of JVM instrumentation going so we can see what's filling
>up the heap.
>On Wed, 7 Sep 2005, Neal Sanche wrote:
>>Hi Guys,
>>I compiled up a new Geronimo, and then I left it running with the Server 
>>Info page displayed so I could see the cool AJX work there... and then I 
>>forgot about it for a day or so. When I got back it was saying:
>>Kernel Boot Time     Tue Sep 06 11:35:32 MDT 2005
>>Kernel Up Time    
>>1 day 16 minutes 39 seconds
>>Java Version     1.5.0_03
>>Java Vendor     Sun Microsystems Inc.
>>Node     speedy/
>>Current Memory Used    
>>63.49 MB
>>Most Memory Used    
>>63.56 MB
>>Total Memory Allocated    
>>63.56 MB
>>Available Processors     1
>>And my console was saying:
>>20:56:53,219 WARN  [ThreadedServer] EXCEPTION
>>java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
>>over and over again. If there's anything I can do to help find what's 
>>leaking let me know. I know I didn't really give Geronimo much room to 
>>grow, but when it started it was only taking 15MB of space, and I was 

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