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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: How do we ship jetty and tomcat versions? Please respond
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2005 04:38:19 GMT
I like what you have done here.  Very nice work.

However, IMHO, I would be concerned in the long run of shipping Jetty 
and Tomcat together.  We will be accused of being too "heavy weight". 
Then also, where do we draw the line of shipping everything (ie. 
multiple orbs, and multiple EB containers, etc).


David Jencks wrote:
> As part of my work on breaking up our monolithic configuration into 
> smaller pieces, I now have a set of configurations that modularize jetty 
> and tomcat into two configurations each.  These can be turned on and off 
> individually, by means of starting with different config.list files or 
> by an appropriate command line.  It is equally easy to run both at once 
> if you arrange the ports to avoid collisions.
> I'm planning on cleaning this up a bit more and committing it soon  
> (maybe tonight).  If you don't like this idea please speak up soon.
> I wrote a namespace-driven switching module builder to determine if the 
> jetty or tomcat builder is used.  It has a defaultNamespace  option 
> which is what currently determines the target.  The module builders 
> register themselves with the switch and supply their namespace.
> I would like to:
> -- keep the current geronimo-web.xsd with its "any" based deployer 
> specific configuration bits
> --write jetty and tomcat specific schemas that include the deployer 
> specific configuration directly
> In this way, if you know which your target environment is, you can write 
> in that schema and the correct deployer will be selected automatically.  
> If you don't, the choice of target environment will come from the 
> defaultNamespace setting in the switch.
> The remaining nasty point is the offline deployer, which currently 
> includes both the jetty and tomcat builders.  I have not found a way to 
> configure the offline deployer to start more than one configuration, so 
> I have been forced to include everything in the j2ee-deployer-plan.xml. 
>   I think we should consider if we have progressed far enough to 
> eliminate the offline deployer as a separate configuration and always 
> use the runtime deployer configs both online and offline.  There are 
> still some classloader issues I don't understand well enough for me to 
> try this right now.
> So, in more detail, I propose we ship:
> -all the configurations, for both jetty and tomcat, installed
> - 3 pairs of config.list and config.xml files that run both, only jetty, 
> and only tomcat
> - both containers and builders running by default.
> - installer stuff that lets you pick which option you want installed.
> thanks
> david jencks

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