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From Stefan Schmidt <>
Subject Geronimo startup problems
Date Sun, 04 Sep 2005 02:06:04 GMT

I am currently trying to get WS Security with WSS4J running on Geronimo. 
There are some problems (see Jira 975) I encountered on the way which is 
why I asked Werner D. from the WSS4J project to try my code on Geronimo.

Now here are some interesting things that Werner encountered during his 
first G installation (I am just forwarding his information to the dev list):


on my system (SuSE 9.2, X86_64 Architecture, AMD Athlon 64, 1GB)
Geronimo does not start. It hangs at 32%, no deploy of war files
is possible. The Java is a 1.4.2_07, all other Java based systems
are up and running (Eclipse and others)

This is the message I see during startup of Geronimo:

Booting Geronimo Kernel (in Java 1.4.2_07)...
Starting Geronimo Application Server
[**>    ] 32% 319s Starting org/apache/geronimo/Server

Nothing more. I need to kill (or ^C) the stuff.

Seems to be a quite unstable thing up to now.

Next email quote:
* My etc/hosts file contained an entry with my system name "Linux" that
  had a wrong IP address. Because I have a DSL Internet connection the
  IP address often changes, I just forgot to update it in the etc/hosts.
  (I need this entry with the real/active IP address for other programs)

* When my Internet connetion is up Geronimo wouldn't start (hangs at
  32%, see attached logfile). This may be due to the firewall because
  wrong IP addresses are blocked.

* I stopped my Internet connection. This time Geronimo starts but with
  several messages that reports:

Booting Geronimo Kernel (in Java 1.4.2_07)...
Starting Geronimo Application Server
[**>    ] 32%   3s Starting org/apache/geronimo/Server
09:32:12,938 WARN
Error stopping JMXConnector after failure javax.naming.CommunicationException [Root exception
is java.rmi.ConnectIOException: Exception creating connection to:; nested exception is: Network is unreachable]
        at mx4j.remote.resolver.rmi.Resolver.unbindServer(
....may other stackdump messages ...

* Then I removed the wrong entry from etc/hosts completely. The start
  of Geronimo gives an exeception message on the console:

19 WARN  [IdGenerator] could not generate unique stub linux: linux
        at org.activemq.util.IdGenerator.<clinit>(
....may other stackdump messages ...

* The I inserted the the entry again, this time with my current and
  valid IP address. If the Internet connection is up Geronimo starts
  without any complaints.

Thus it seems that Geronimo has some issues if the etc/hosts file either
does not contain an entry with the system's name, or if this entry has
a wrong/inactive IP address.

At least I managed to get it up. I'll see if I can dig into the
real problem now.

I've gathered  most of the outputs in log files and copies from the
console. Thus if you need additional info I can forward it to you.


I thought that this might be of interest to the dev-list. I think that 
if Geronimo fails to start and hangs at 32% there sould be at least a 
message which indicates a reason for this behaviour - otherwise 
first-time users are left in the dark :-) . I cannot tell much more 
about the other errors but we can ask Werner for his logs to get more info.


Stefan Schmidt

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