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From anita kulshreshtha <>
Subject Tomcat Statistics
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2005 13:04:28 GMT
Aaron, Joe
    There has been discussion about collecting Tomcat
statistics. The following statistics are available for
 1. Max processing time, processing time, Request
count, Error count, bytes received and bytes sent.
These are similar to what we have for Jetty. Though I
do not see total bytes sent/received for Jetty.
 2.For each request stage, Time, bytes sent, bytes
received, client, Vhost and request (URL, protocol)
are available. I do not see similar statistics for
Jetty. I would like to add these to our console. 
    Currently we do not display session/request
statistics per application and per servlet. are there
any plans to add these?
    Tomcat manager application uses JMX to collect
these statistics (1).
They are not provided by Tomcat (AFAIK).  Can Tomcat
manager use Geronimo's Mbeanserver? What is involved
here?  The easiest thing would be to make it work and
improve/rewrite it (post M5?) to extend WebContainer. 

    Is this the correct way to proceed?


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