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From "Jeff Genender" <>
Subject RE: How do we ship jetty and tomcat versions? Please respond
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2005 13:46:58 GMT
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> From: Jacek Laskowski [] 
> Sent: Tuesday, September 06, 2005 4:36 AM
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> Subject: Re: How do we ship jetty and tomcat versions? Please respond
> Hi Dave,
> Both, by default? Interesting. Will there be a way in your 
> proposal to deploy a WAR to *both* containers? Since the 
> defaultNamespace option is to drive what container a WAR is 
> deployed to I think the answer is negative, isn't it? (or 
> alternatively it could assume that no defaultNamespace would 
> mean both) If so, why would a user want to run Jetty and 
> Tomcat? I don't mind having two containers and builders 
> running at the same time, but wonder if there's a user case 
> for it (a web hosting provider?).

I don't think there is a huge user case for this, but what DJ has done is
enormous in where it will take Geronimo relative to dynamic builders based
on namespaces.  This takes our deployment to the next level.  IMHO, I think
the web was a good area to try it out, even though we may never run both at
the same time.  


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