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From "Jeff Genender" <>
Subject RE: How do we ship jetty and tomcat versions? Please respond
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2005 13:33:48 GMT
> well... we are already shipping all the tomcat and jetty jars 
> together no matter which one is activated.  Shipping both 
> configurations as well doesn't add much bulk. 

True, and I am aware of this, but I hope this is a short term thing.  I
would hope that down the road, we won't be shipping everything.  IMHO, a
300MB download due to the fact that we have everything in it would not be a
good thing (no its not 300MB now, but as we expand our offerings, it easily
can be).  I would love to see where you click on what you want...then boot
strap a download, and it builds an appserver for you by getting only the
necessary files.

So yes, I agree, right now, there is no harm done...and it's a definate step
in the right direction.


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