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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Tomcat/Jetty Handling
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2005 16:27:20 GMT

On Sep 19, 2005, at 10:24 PM, Aaron Mulder wrote:

> I think we need to finalize our plan for Tomcat and Jetty for M5 (or
> whatever we call it).

I'll call it M5 for the purposes of this reply :-)
> I believe we agreed earlier to produce separate Tomcat and Jetty 
> releases.

I would like to revisit this decision for M5.  I think it will produce 
an unwarranted amount of disruption for essentially no gain.
> Currently, our "modules/assembly" build creates a distribution with
> BOTH Tomcat and Jetty, and I believe even starts both by default
> (though I'm not sure of that).

It shouldn't, only one should start.
> I don't like that solution very much, for reasons which I think I've
> covered in other threads.  I'd like to actually remove the
> configuration(s) for the product not included in the desired
> distribution.  The most pressing reason for this is so that the
> console can safely assume that only one web container is present.
> While we need to correct it to handle multiple web containers, I think
> that's a lot of unnecessary work for M5, compared to limiting
> ourselves to deploying one web container in each build.
> So the question is, how to we get two different builds for Jetty and
> Tomcat?  The short-term options (e.g. not switching to assemblies/*,
> which I assume would be a major undertaking) seem to be:
>  - Change "modules/assembly" so that the Jetty/Tomcat decision
> actually doesn't deploy or undeploys the non-matching web container
> configuration(s), instead of just changing the list of modules to
> start by default.
I am strongly against trying to get one module to produce two 
barely-related outputs.  This is really against maven principles.  If 
we want separate jetty and tomcat distros, we need to have two assembly 
modules, one for each.  IMO the "dual use" one has some utility, so 
that means 3  assembly modules.

>  - Create two wrapper modules that each take the output of
> "modules/assembly" and one strips the Tomcat stuff and configures it
> for Jetty and the other does vice versa.

this is sort of ridiculous IMO.
> The former is certainly the quick+dirty solution, but it results in us
> needing to run the build twice and creates two output artifacts with
> the same name but different contents.  I suspect that will be
> objectionable, which leads me to believe that the second option would
> be preferable.  Anyone else have thoughts on this (or the best way to
> do this)?

Using our current ad-hoc assembly module, we would have 3 copies of 
essentially the same code and be generating mostly the same 
configurations 3 times over.  This is pretty silly and extremely hard 
to maintainable.  IMO the only reasonable approach that is compatible 
with maven principles is to separate building the configurations and 
assembling them into the distros.

I think this is a good idea, but I think we should get what we have now 
out.  My understanding of the main purpose of M5 was to demonstrate 
tomcat integration rather than  a complete web console.  What we have 
now, with both jetty and tomcat included, demonstrates that to my mind. 
  I think certification is plenty to work for.

david jencks

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