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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: progress on mavenizing eclipse plugins
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2005 15:20:44 GMT
well, I disagree....

I think an appropriate strategy is to get the build working with m2,  
including writing the maven plugin you will need, and then call that  
maven plugin from m1 to create an m1 build.  If we are really lucky the  
geronimo m2 build will be far enough along by the time sachin gets the  
m2 maven plugin working properly that he won't have to deal with m1:-)   
I also think an example of using m2 in our very own build may help to  
encourage us all to pitch in on the geronimo m2 build.

btw are you sure about the location of the eclipse jars in the m2  
repository?  I haven't used m2 at all but I wonder if the attempt to  
download the pom is due to it being in the wrong place.

david jencks

On Aug 29, 2005, at 7:57 AM, Matt Hogstrom wrote:

> I think simpler is better and more consumable.  +1 to Stay with Maven 1
> Jeff Genender wrote:
>> Sachin Patel wrote:
>>> I totally agree that downloading 2 build tools for end users is bad.  
>>>  However, for this particular case I don't think doing this is AS  
>>> bad.   From a users standpoint, there going to just download the  
>>> built image from the site and install it onto eclipse.  From a  
>>> developers standpoint, regardless of wether this is built using M1  
>>> or M2, most eclipse end users are most likely not going to build  
>>> with either of them, and they will just do what is familiar for them  
>>> and import the projects into an Eclipse IDE and build from within  
>>> there.
>>> If you still feel strongly against it, I don't mind going back to M1.
>> I definately don't want to be the party pooper here ;-)  But I think  
>> we need to stay the course of consistency.  Lets get some feedback of  
>> others and then we can come to some concensus on this issue.  I do  
>> feel strongly about this, but its the decision of the team, so lets  
>> get some more feedback.  This will be a real PITA if we need to do  
>> this with 2 build tools.  Also, I am fine if you want to do it in  
>> both M1 and M2, so this would suffice.  But I really think you need  
>> to support M1 right now.
>> Again, if we can get a roll out schedule with getting Geronimo  
>> converted, then I would be ok with M2.
>> Jeff
>>> Jeff Genender wrote:
>>>> Sachin Patel wrote:
>>>>> So after sitting down yesterday and doing a little reading... I  
>>>>> have a much better understanding of Maven. :) I've decided to go  
>>>>> with using M2, one of the reasons which I'm probably going to end  
>>>>> up having to write a plugin and want to avoid massive jelly  
>>>>> scripts. :)
>>>> Hang on there...
>>>> Although I like your enthusiasm regarding M2, and I personally  
>>>> can't wait to start converting over to M2, we really need to keep  
>>>> the thoughts of the end users in our development.  To have to  
>>>> download 2 build tools in order build all of Geronimo, IMHO, is  
>>>> very bad.  I hope that you rethink this and do it in M1.  We are  
>>>> here to help you in getting your project up and running.  There is  
>>>> nothing you cannot do in M1...
>>>> If we have a rollout schedule for moving Geronimo to M2, then I  
>>>> would be open to this.  But unfortunately its not officially on the  
>>>> radar.  I would only ask that we are consistent in the build tool  
>>>> selection.
>>>> Jeff
>>>>> M1 provided a convenient jar override feature where I could the  
>>>>> specify the explicit path to dependencies outside of the repo.   
>>>>> This makes things easier as I can just point to the  
>>>>> ${eclipse-home}/plugins/blah.jar.  Unfortunately M2 doesn't have  
>>>>> this.  So after talking to some of the very helpful Maven folks,  
>>>>> the only current way to do this is to have the eclipse jars inside  
>>>>> the local repo.  To make it even more painful, from looks of  
>>>>> things I don't think I can just can't download an eclipse image,  
>>>>> and do a "select-all" and copy in the all jars.  It looks like I'm  
>>>>> going to have to create the "maven convention" path for each jar.
>>>>> So from an Eclipse install, for each plugin I would need to copy  
>>>>> and rename the jar from
>>>>> ${eclipse-install}/eclipse/plugins/ 
>>>>> org.eclipse.core.resources_3.1.0.jar
>>>>> to...
>>>>> ${local_repo}/eclipse-plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources/3.1.0/ 
>>>>> org.eclipse.core.resources-3.1.0.jar
>>>>> I'm still having issues though as even when I try to build offline  
>>>>> it is attempting to download from the remote repo the dependency's  
>>>>> .pom, and thus the build fails.  Sent a note on the Maven dev list  
>>>>> for a solution to prevent it from doing this and look directly in  
>>>>> the local repo.
>>>>> Thanks and will give an update when I make further progress.
>>>>> Sachin.

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