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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Woo-hoo! Down to 100 JIRA's with no target release. :)
Date Sat, 27 Aug 2005 03:45:41 GMT
	Sorry for the JIRA spam.

	I went through a bunch and assigned releases to them.  I found a
substantial number that I'd like someone to review for M5, so when someone
said earlier "I asked everyone to review their JIRA issues so I'm sure
anything left with no target is unimportant", well, that's not really

	Most of the ones I newly marked for M5 looked like quick "review 
and close" types.  There are a couple that may need work if they're not 
fixed (such as allowing access to WEB-INF/*), but generally if we review 
one of these for M5 and conclude that it's not fixed then I think we can 
just push it back to v1.0.  But I'd rather not leave them hanging out 
there indefinitely if they're actually fixed.

	Anyway, I'll try to go through and assign targets to the other 
100 eventually, but if anyone beats me to it, that would be great.  :)


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