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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Management Interfaces & ClassLoaders
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2005 01:23:09 GMT
	So I'm working on management for ActiveMQ today, and running into
ClassLoader problems.  The web console can't load the ActiveMQ management
interfaces, since its parent is o/a/g/System but ActiveMQ is in
o/a/g/ActiveMQServer.  Now, I could "reparent" it, but I'll soon find out
that I don't have TranQL connections pools, or something else, without
constructing a bizarre inheritance chain.

	I would like all the management interfaces to be available, even
for products that aren't necessarily running in the current configuration.  
(Though in truth, that's at least partly an artifact of our totally static
"portal"  configuration, where we can't dynamically select the portlets to
show based on what's loaded in the server).

	I think what that means is that maybe I should start breaking out
the management code (interfaces and management-only helper classes) into
product-management modules for (Tomcat, Jetty, OpenEJB, ActiveMQ, TranQL
db pools), so I can include all the product-management modules in
o/a/g/Server (and leave the product implementation code where it is now --
ActiveMQServer, SystemDatabase, whatever).  That way the console will
still work regardless of what's running.

	In the super-short term, I'm going to try adding the
ActiveMQ-GBean module to o/a/g/System, but I'll remove that again as soon
as we agree on a way to get the management interfaces onto the console

	Any comments?


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