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Subject CORBA and M4
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 02:28:03 GMT
Considering the M4 izpack installer's CORBA configuration seems to be 
outdated (designed to be used with the interop plan) should we:

* remove the CORBA configuration information from the M4 izpack installer? 
* have this as a known issue for M4?
* fix it so it does configure Corba (see below..)

I noticed that openejb\modules\assembly\src\plan\j2ee-server-plan.xml has 
some CORBA related config information, e.g. ORBPort that I can't find in 
any of the geronimo\modules\assembly\src\plan files. 

Can someone give an overview of how Corba is configured, started and 
utilised in the M4 release?



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