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From Mark <>
Subject Re: Build Error.
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 19:53:23 GMT
That did the trick. :-)


Aaron Mulder wrote:

>	If there really isn't a case problem (and for me, this came up on
>a Linux box where it had a symlink in the path), then you need to edit the
>plugin script
>(d:\OpenSource\.maven\cache\maven-ear-plugin-1.6\plugin.jelly) and remove
>the check it performs on or around line 99.  Bad Maven!  :)
>On Tue, 9 Aug 2005, Mark wrote:
>>Any quick suggestions on this one:
>>Element... maven:reactor
>>Line...... 217
>>Column.... 9
>>Unable to obtain goal [default] -- 
>><ant:fail> Case-sensitive issue: The dependency 
>>geronimo:geronimo-console-framework has a case problem.  The dependency 
>>was either retrieved in the past with the wrong  case or has been 
>>specified with the wrong case in your project.xml file.  Fix your 
>>project.xml or update your local repository with the properly-cased file 
>>and try again.
>>Total time: 11 minutes 56 seconds
>>Finished at: Tue Aug 09 11:38:39 EDT 2005
>>I have zapped both my entire Geronimo codeline and maven repository.   
>>Did a complete fresh checkout of Geronimo and then redid te build.

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