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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: JMS configuration plans and config.list questions
Date Fri, 05 Aug 2005 14:50:49 GMT

On Aug 5, 2005, at 6:32 AM, Joe Bohn wrote:

>  Well I'm still feeling my way around the web console code, but it 
> looks to me like they are expecting users to add more queues to the 
> org/apache/geronimo/SystemJMS config.

I don't think this is possible yet, although I think aaron is working 
on a way to make it possible shortly.  I believe that each new queue is 
currently added to a new configuration.
>  What should be be encouraging them to do ... that's the harder 
> question.   I'll look for somebody else to answer that one.  :-)

Allowing, yes, at least for "mutable" configurations.  Encouraging, 
>  However, I'm looking at a problem that may end up being related to 
> (or affected by) the configuration.
>  The Web Console includes capabilities to manage JMS connection 
> factories and destinations (adding/removing queues and topics).  
> However, the portlet to manage the factories is currently failing with 
> an exception because it assumes that there is a "state" attribute on 
> the each factory GBean and this attribute doesn't exist on the 
> DefaultActiveMQConnectionFactory.

I believe this is due to the recent removal of the jsr-77 state 
manageable and similar attributes from the base gbean wrapper object.  
I think the intent was to move them to all gbeans that were exposed in 
jsr-77.  Apparently not all of this proposal was implemented, which may 
possibly affect our compliance with the jsr-77 portion of the tck.

david jencks

>  So I wonder if the portlet is in error looking for the wrong 
> attribute or the factory GBean is in error for not defining the 
> attribute.   Of course, if we remove the queues and factory defined in 
> SystemJMS then this eliminates the problem (at least on the 
> DefaultActionMQConnectionFactory). 
>  - Joe
> wrote:
>> The org/apache/geronimo/SystemJMS config defines an ActiveMQ resource 
>> adapter ( and the DefaultActiveMQConnectionFactory ) , 
>> MDBTransferBeanOutQueue and SendReceiveQueue admin objects.
>> Should the two queues be removed ( I assume they were there for 
>> testing in the past)?
>> Are we expecting users of the web console ( I haven't played with 
>> yet) adding more queues to the org/apache/geronimo/SystemJMS config, 
>> or should we be encouraging them to use their own config?
>> If we aren't expecting users to be able to add more queues to the 
>> org/apache/geronimo/SystemJMS config, then should the 
>> org/apache/geronimo/SystemJMS config be removed from the config.list 
>> and replaced with org/apache/geronimo/ActiveMQServer?
>> John
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> Joe Bohn
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