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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject Re: What do you want to get into M5?
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2005 19:21:47 GMT
On 8/12/05, David Jencks <> wrote:

> I'm
> wondering just what state the console property editing features are in
> and to what extent that will help with Bruces concerns about
> configuration editing.

You raise a good point here, David, that I think needs some
clarification. IMO, offering only the console as a means for property
editing is insufficient. Consider a situation where a sys admin needs
to install Geronimon on a machine that already has a service running
on port 8080. The service already running on port 8080 would not allow
the Geronimo web container to come up for access to the console. This
situation can be addressed in a number of ways, but my point is that a
web console to edit some simple properties is not enough.

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