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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: progress on mavenizing eclipse plugins
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2005 22:44:04 GMT

Sachin Patel wrote:
> Due to the current debates :) I'm trying to do both M1 and M2 in 
> parallel, but probably M2 will be finished first.

Thank you, I think this ultimately will be the best solution.


> Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:
>> On Aug 29, 2005, at 9:43 AM, Jeff Genender wrote:
>>> Sachin Patel wrote:
>>>> So after sitting down yesterday and doing a little reading... I  
>>>> have a much better understanding of Maven. :) I've decided to go  
>>>> with using M2, one of the reasons which I'm probably going to end  
>>>> up having to write a plugin and want to avoid massive jelly  
>>>> scripts. :)
>>> Hang on there...
>>> Although I like your enthusiasm regarding M2, and I personally  can't 
>>> wait to start converting over to M2, we really need to keep  the 
>>> thoughts of the end users in our development.  To have to  download 2 
>>> build tools in order build all of Geronimo, IMHO, is  very bad.  I 
>>> hope that you rethink this and do it in M1.  We are  here to help you 
>>> in getting your project up and running.  There is  nothing you cannot 
>>> do in M1...
>>> If we have a rollout schedule for moving Geronimo to M2, then I  
>>> would be open to this.  But unfortunately its not officially on the  
>>> radar.  I would only ask that we are consistent in the build tool  
>>> selection.
>> Jeff,
>> I respectfully disagree with you here.  I see your point about making  
>> it easy for users, but overall, how many users will want to build the  
>> plugin in the time between now and getting Geronimo over to M2?  I  
>> know we don't know that latter time yet, but I think it's Soon(tm),  
>> and I assume that peeps focused on working on the plugin will be a  
>> different set of people building the server....
>> OTOH, what is the *fastest* way to get this to build?
>> Also, will M2 build M1 projects?  (Oh, please, please, please say it  
>> will...)
>> geir
>>> Jeff
>>>> M1 provided a convenient jar override feature where I could the  
>>>> specify the explicit path to dependencies outside of the repo.   
>>>> This makes things easier as I can just point to the ${eclipse- 
>>>> home}/plugins/blah.jar.  Unfortunately M2 doesn't have this.  So  
>>>> after talking to some of the very helpful Maven folks, the only  
>>>> current way to do this is to have the eclipse jars inside the  local 
>>>> repo.  To make it even more painful, from looks of things I  don't 
>>>> think I can just can't download an eclipse image, and do a  
>>>> "select-all" and copy in the all jars.  It looks like I'm going to  
>>>> have to create the "maven convention" path for each jar.
>>>> So from an Eclipse install, for each plugin I would need to copy  
>>>> and rename the jar from
>>>> ${eclipse-install}/eclipse/plugins/ 
>>>> org.eclipse.core.resources_3.1.0.jar
>>>> to...
>>>> ${local_repo}/eclipse-plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources/3.1.0/ 
>>>> org.eclipse.core.resources-3.1.0.jar I'm still having issues  though 
>>>> as even when I try to build offline it is attempting to  download 
>>>> from the remote repo the dependency's .pom, and thus the  build 
>>>> fails.  Sent a note on the Maven dev list for a solution to  prevent 
>>>> it from doing this and look directly in the local repo.
>>>> Thanks and will give an update when I make further progress.
>>>> Sachin.

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