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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: Apache Directory now integrated
Date Sun, 28 Aug 2005 02:29:45 GMT
Very nice.  Jeff, where is the database (I'm assuming SystemDatabase) or 
is the persistent store something else?  I'm curious for sysadmins that 
will want to back up their data.

- Matt

Jeff Genender wrote:

> I have integrated the Apache Directory Server into Geronimo.  What 
> that means is Geronimo now comes with an LDAP server.
> It is initially "stopped".  You can start it with the console or via 
> the command line scripts ( for *nix or deploy.bat for Windows):
> --user system --password manager start 
> org/apache/geronimo/Directory
> It initially runs on port 1389, not the standard 389 because *nix 
> boxes will need to run as root to use this port.  The port is 
> configurable in the DirectoryGBean found in the 
> directory-server-plan.xml.
> It has an initial ou=system schema to start with and we can build on a 
> fairly sophisticated schema in time.
> This has some awesome implications for Geronimo in that we can begin 
> storing all sorts of configurations and system based information in 
> it.  There is a tremendous amount we can do with this, including 
> leveraging new security implementations, especially single-signon.
> This is the first cut, and I have included a slew of attributes that 
> can be set on the GBean.  Of course there are more configuration 
> attributes I can this is only a start.
> Let the JIRA issues begin ;-)
> Jeff

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