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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: JavaMail
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2005 04:32:22 GMT
Neal Sanche wrote:

> Which is all good. Now, which deployment plan do I add the resource ref 
> to? 

You added it to ejb-jar.xml which as you say is good. That is the 
standardized part of the configuration

> I loked for gbean in the schemas and found that it can live in the 
> geronimo-application.xml under my module definitions. Is that the 
> correct place to put it in order to use it from within a SLSB?

The entry in the ejb-jar.xml is declaring that the SLSB is using a mail 
resource. The <gbean> entry is defining what the resource is and is 
allowing you to set its properties; this is vendor specific.

If you are using an EAR to contain the ejb-jar the application 
deployment plan is the place to add it; if you have a naked ejb-jar then 
you should add the GBean definition at the bottom of the ejb deployment 
plan (openejb-jar.xml IIRC). Note these do not need to be included in 
the module archive, the deployer can take a generic module with just 
standard definitions and an external deployment plan.

You can also package up the GBean definition separately using a 
<configuration> plan and deploy that completely separately (perhaps to 
share between multiple applications).


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