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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: Network Properties & Naming
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2005 21:14:48 GMT
I am for anything but the word "host".  This will definately cause 
confusion.  I think "address" or "inetaddress" would be fine.


Aaron Mulder wrote:
> So we have 3 properties for every network connector.  They are probably
> most clearly described by using the analogous objects:
> InetAddress -- the hostname or IP to listen on, settable
> port -- the port to listen on, settable
> InetSocketAddress -- the combination of the previous two, read-only
>   based on their settings
> Right now, we use the property names (respectively):
> "host" (String, for a host name or IP)
> "port" (int)
> "listenAddress" (InetSocketAddress)
> So for any network listener, you configure the host and port, they 
> typically get injected into the constructor of the GBean in question, and 
> then at runtime you can get the host, port, or listenAddress 
> (combination).  We like using the simple String and int for the settable 
> properties, to make the management interface simple.
> Jeff's raised the concern that the name "host" might be misleading in
> Tomcat, where there's already a well-known "Host" object with a name, so
> it might not be clear what the "host" property is supposed to refer to.  
> I guess we could change our properties to "address", "port", and
> "listenAddress", or "listenAddress", "port", and "socketAddress".
> Also, originally, the InetSocketAddress property was in there so we could
> distinguish any network-related GBeans in order to show the list during
> the startup sequence.  That's no longer needed since we can now search by
> interface instead.  So we might drop that property.  But it could also be
> useful to keep it and ask for it to represent the "current listen state",
> so if you change the port in the management console the "port" property
> might show the new port, but the "InetSocketAddress" property would show
> the old port until the connector was restarted.
> Any thoughts on whether it's worth changing these properties and what they
> should be changed to?
> Thanks,
> 	Aaron

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