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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: RFC - Fix to the XMLBeans2/Eclipse issue
Date Sat, 13 Aug 2005 16:35:11 GMT

Sachin Patel wrote:
> Jeff, thx for the patches.... Works great! Could you check these in?

Thay are all in...including openejb.


> Jeff Genender wrote:
>> Sachin Patel wrote:
>>> Great Jeff.  Thanks for looking into this. Converting the classpath 
>>> entry to a "lib" is exactly what I meant by saying by adding classes 
>>> folder to preserve binary content.  So I definatley think this is the 
>>> correct fix. So with your mid-term solution you're basically doing 
>>> the inverse of what adding a resource would do.  Rather then 
>>> generating into target/xmlbeans-classes then copying into 
>>> target/classes you are leaving the xmlbeans build alone and simply 
>>> copying the output back into target/xmlbeans-classes.  Correct?
>> Yes...this is it becomes harmless.
>>> Going back to using a resource however... can some who's more 
>>> familliar state why this would mess up Intellij?  The target/classes 
>>> folder would still contain the binary content, the original location 
>>> target/xmlbeans-classes would simply be ignored... No?
>> This is correct as well.  I would be interested in the IntelliJ issue 
>> as well.  I have Intelij installed on my i could try it 
>> out. IIRC, this should not affect it, but I will let the heavy 
>> IntelliJ users speak up.
>>> Jeff Genender wrote:
>>>> I was tinkering around with the Eclipse project build and I have 
>>>> come up with a kludge solution for the xmlbeans2 type class problem.
>>>> First, there was an earlier discussion of having the xmlbeans 
>>>> compile classes go to another 
>>>>  Then we could edit the 
>>>> POM, and add a resource...and the jar would ultimately contain 
>>>> everything needed.  I like this solution the best, but unfortunately 
>>>> the maven xmlbeans2 plugin will need a new property to override the 
>>>> default target/classes.  Also, I think I remember someone saying 
>>>> this would mess up Idea Intellij (DJ?).
>>>> However, I have come up with the following mid-term solution:
>>>> All maven.xml files that do an xmlbeans schema run, a 
>>>> target/xmlbeans-classes directory will be created and the entire 
>>>> target/classes/schemaorg_apache_xmlbeans structure will be copied to 
>>>> this directory.  Also, each that has an xmlbeans 
>>>> infrasturcture will have the xmlbeans-classes dir added to the 
>>>> eclipse included classpath (which really adds it to the src in 
>>>> eclipse).  Then in the top level maven.xml, in the m:eclipse, I 
>>>> wrote a jelly script that after running the eclipse multiproject, it 
>>>> does a search and replace on all .classpath files that has the 
>>>> xmlbeans-classes in src converted to a lib - which means it just 
>>>> becomes an additional true classpath in eclipse.
>>>> This makes it so when eclipse's build occurs and wipes the target 
>>>> dir, it still has access to the needed type class files and xsb files.
>>>> The bottom works...and it doesn't affect intellij or need 
>>>> to change the xmlbeans2 maven plugin (which I would much prefer we 
>>>> do). This allows a full *working* eclipse project infrastructure for 
>>>> Geronimo w/o the need to hack the xmlbean project files in eclipse.
>>>> I would appreciate some feedback on this and some concensus before I 
>>>> check this in.

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