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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: TranQL changes for set/getLoginTimeout need to be revisited
Date Sat, 13 Aug 2005 16:13:58 GMT
Or you could just use the Derby connector TranQL provides :-)

IMO throwing SQLException here is incorrect; given this is a J2CA 
resource it should throw the appropriate ResourceException, in this case 
an InvalidPropertyException. If you look at the definition MCF, this is 
  the behaviour of get/setLogWriter.

Given all DataSources support get/setLoginTimeout I added an 
implementation of these accessors to the base class including the 
wrapping code. Perhaps the easiest solution is to just remove these 
methods from Geronimo's version.


Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> Jeremy,
> I pulled HEAD for TranQL to finish the DB2 Syntax Factories and built 
> against the current HEAD for Geronimo.  I received errors when building 
> the derby-connector package because the method signatures no longer 
> matched the ones from AbstractXADataSourceMCF in TranQL.
> We can remove the throws in the DerbyXAManagedConnectionFactory but we 
> would have to add duplicate code to internally handle the SQLException 
> thrown by the DerbyXADataSource.  The two methods in question are 
> getLoginTimeout / setLoginTimeout.
> Since these classes eventually end up defining 
> javax.sql.EmbeddedDatasource and it defines the SQLException on its 
> getLoginTimeout / setLoginTimeout methods I think the change made to 
> AbstractXADatasourceMCF should be reverted to throwing the exception.
> Take a look and let me know if you agree.  If so I can make the changes.
> Matt

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