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From Meskauskas Audrius <>
Subject No any dependency on external CORBA classes found during Geronimo build - how this could be?
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2005 08:13:57 GMT

Thanks to Jeff, we have no longer any problems with building Geronimo 
using Maven 1.0.2. The two tests about Kerberos fail, but this problem 
is probably transient and not CORBA related.

My idea was to check your dependencies on the  proprietary com.sun.corba 
packages. I started from the source code scan and found no string 
"com.sun.corba" at all. The substring "import<space>" is also 
never present.

Next, I decided to build Geronimo with JDK 1.5 that, following the Wiki 
notes, should not succeed. Surprisingly, the build have not reported any 
missing classes and passed all tests, except the same two mentioned above.

Finally, I launched build under JDK with all domain removed from 
rt.jar. Even in this case, the build succeeds without reporting any 
missing classes and passing the same set of tests as with complete jdk.


1. You link some external library with org.omg classes. Could you tell 
me, where and which one?
2. Would you be so kind as to tell, in which module and package your 
dependencies from the Sun specific CORBA packages are located?
3. I conclude that Geronimo itself is not dependent on Sun's CORBA, as 
the absence of CORBA has no impact on the test results. Probably CORBA 
is used by the user-supplied beans only? Do you have tests with such 
beans for Geronimo?


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