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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Console dies in Tomcat
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2005 14:01:51 GMT
2 issues here...

The first error is:

07:50:02,076 ERROR [ContextConfig] Parse error in application web.xml
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Servlet mapping specifies an unknown 
servlet name DerbyUsers

The second error is:

07:50:02,083 ERROR [StandardContext] Context [/console-standard] startup 
failed due to previous errors
[******> ] 88%  37s Starting org/apache/geronimo/Console 
07:50:02,499 WARN  [TomcatContainer] security-realm-name was specified 
but no RealmGBean was configured for this context.  Ignoring 

I have no idea about the first error...possibly a web.xml issue?  Ideas 
on this?

The second error is about an issue we discussed about a week ago.  It 
has to do with how we name realms.  Tomcat is saying I don't see any 
geronimo realms that are named like the Host or it wants a 
TomcatRealm GBean set at the context level so it can change the name to 
what the <security-realm-name> states it is.

3 options here on this second issue...

1) I can change the default engine name to match the geronimo realmName.

2) We can change the realmName for the geronimo realm to something "Geronimo"...and I can be sure it matches the Engine 
(which it would at that point).

3) I can dynamically create a TomcatJAASRealm GBean if one does not 
exist when this condition arises...which IMHO is quite extreme.



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